Antonino (Antonio) Valenti - Media
Antonino (Antonio) Valenti - Media
Duca d'Aosta
The ship 18 y.o. Antonino took from Palermo to Ellis Island in 1912.

Built by Cantieri Navale Siciliani, Palermo, Italy, 1908. 7,804 gross tons; 476 (bp) feet long; 53 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw.  Service speed 16 ? knots.  1,836 passengers (80 first class, 16 second class, 1,740 third class).
Built for Navigazione Generale Itlaliana Line, Italian flag, in 1908 and named Duca d'Aosta. Italy-New York service. Scrapped in 1929.
Valenti Driver's License
Antonino Valenti’s Chauffeur’s Driver’s License from May 12, 1915 listing his address at 248 Bellwoods Ave. and his employer as College Garage.
Antonino's passport photo
1922 passport photo of Antonino Valenti for his trip back to San Filippo del Mela
The ship Antonio Valenti took from Naples to Ellis Island in 1922.

Built by Palmer’s Shipbuilding & Iron Company, Newcastle, England, 1917. 12,003 gross tons; 536 (bp) feet long; 64 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw.  Service speed 17 knots.  2,800 passengers (100 first class, 700 second class, 2,000 third class).
Built for Sicula-Americana, in 1917 and named San Gennaro. Navigazione Generale Italiana Line, Italian flag, in 1921 and renamed Colombo. Italy-New York and later Italy-South America service. Scrapped in 1949.
Antonio Valenti