1. “The Longfellow Birthday Book.”
A small red leather bound book given to Frances Burt by Mabel A. Mcgowan for her birthday in 1907. Over the years she documented many individuals’ birthdays in this book which lists a Longfellow quotation for every day of the year.
2. “Navy Log,”
A site containing an online searchable database of U.S. Navy service profiles. Albert Colucci’s is at <>;
3. Records from Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB (obtained by Greg and Marie Colucci)
4. from Kathleen Givan Colucci’s recollections and memorabilia.
5. 1901 Canada Census data, digitized photograph of original document available at website,
6. 1891 Moncton Census data from the Moncton Museum (research from Greg and Marie Colucci)
7. The Archives of Ontario, formerly 77 Grenville St., Toronto, ON, M5S 1B3 and then moved to 134 Ian Macdonald Boulevard,Toronto, ON, M7A 2C5,
8. derived from copies of original certificates (births, baptisms, marriages or deaths)
9. 1881 Canada and British Census Data, from FamilySearch Website, .
10. 1910 U.S. census digitized copies of original
11. The Toronto Directory, The Toronto Public Reference Library.
12. Information from J Hamilton (Ham) Givan whose great grandfather was Alex, brother of Henry Peel Givan.
13. Connecticut History Online,, accessed July 23, 2011.
digitized scans of the original questionnaire completed by Frances Burt for the Department of War Records, Connecticut State Library, Hartford.
14. Image Gallery from the Washington University School of Medicine’s website, “Medicine in Times of Need,”, accessed July 23, 2011.
Bernard Becker Medical Library, Washington University School of Medicine, 660 S. Euclid, Campus Box 8132, St. Louis, Missouri.
15. 1920 U.S. Census digitized copies of original, .
16. “American Family Immigration Center,”
Online searchable database of over 22 million passengers arriving at Ellis Island, New York between 1892 and 1924. One can view digitized photos of original passenger manifests at this site.
17. 1930 U.S. Census digitized copies of original, .
18. “The Jones Family Bible,” the Robisons, Salt Lake City.
This Bible came down the female line from Anna Adelia through her daughter Nina Purton, then through Nina’s daughter Catherine to Catherine’s daughter Mary Robison. It contains some precise dates and relationships but no places of birth or death.
19. Records from;
20. Genealogy material on the Purton lineage from Mary (Hoagland) Robison and Ann Purton (Hoagland) McBroom in Salt Lake City, Utah.
21. Information from Nita M. Jones which was provided to the Jones file at the Moncton Museum in New Brunswick. This information dates from before 1951 since Harry Givan was alive at the time it was typed.
22. re-issued birth certificate from Gioiosa Jonica
23. re-issued marriage certificate from Gioiosa Jonica
24. Information from Hortense Coluccio Cimino and son Lawrence Supino
25. Schedlitz, Bernd and Helmut Siegmon and Uwe Trautsch., Bethke, Michael, ed., 100 Jahre Hebbelschule in Kiel, 1903-2003., Kiel: Wachholtz Verlag, 2003.
26. 1881 British Census Data, from FamilySearch Website, .
27. 1861 England Census digitized copies of original
28. 1871 England Census digitized copies of original
29. 1881 England Census digitized copies of original
30. from border crossing listings from Canada to U.S. on - source of useful information about people’s past dates of immigration, address of destination and so on.
31. Records from Trinity Anglican Church, Durham, Ontario provided by a parishioner, Jean Ovens and also on microfiche in Durham Library.
32. research by Greg and Marie Colucci on their family trip through the Maritimes in Aug, 2002 when they visited The Moncton Museum and Elmwood Cemetery in Moncton, Shediac Cape, Harbourville, Grafton, The Kings County Museum in Kentville and Grand Pre.
33. Reverend A. F. Burt’s Certificate of Death from Waterbury in the State of Connecticut
34. Adelynrood Retreat Centre website
35. Information from Beverly Scott, 3rd wife of George Scott who is a great-grandson of George Edward Burt. Much of her early material originated from George Scott’s mother, Lena May Burt with input from Bessie Lina Burt and Marion Burt.
36. Hearnshaw, L. S., Cyril Burt Psychologist, Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 1979.
37. The FreeBMD website, free Civil Registration index information for England and Wales,
38. 1901 British Census Data, digitized files online,
39. Burt, Cyril., “Cyril Burt,” A History of Psychology in Autobiography, Vol. 4., Ed. Edwin G. Boring., New York: Russell & Russell., 1952., pp. 53-73.
40. Information posted by Carolyn Scott, 525 West 500 North, Richfield, Utah, U.S.A. 84701 on the FamilySearch website by the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
41. image of original marriage record, posted by Sandra Patience on
42. research from James Alexander in New Brunswick
43. Johnson, Daniel F., New Brunswick Vital Statistics from Newspapers, at Toronto Public Reference Library among others.
44. Canadian Heritage Ship Information Database,
At this website you can search the database. Searching “Vessels” for “Givan” will call up all ships with Givan in the name: Nancy Givan (1837), Fanny Givan (1862), John Givan (1865), Mary Givan (1867) and F.&E. Givan (1886); Searching in “Masters” for “Givan” calls up Henry Peel Givan and one can view a list of all the ships of which he was captain.
45. “Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada,” on CD ROM, Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
46. “from Social Security data.”
47. Information from Christina Caffiero
48. Information from Joseph J. Schirripa
49. Giovanni Baudille, “email correspondence,” January, 2019.
documents from the archives of his grandfather Giuseppe Baudille who, in his capacity as Justice of the Peace in Roccella, helped Rocco Schirripa with his correspondence with the U.S. Army from 1918 to 1922.
50. Information from Anna Schirripa, grand-daughter of Peter Schirripa, in 2008.
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