New York

New York state

This map shows New York state in relationship to the New England states to the northeast and Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the southwest.

New York city
This closeup shows New York City in relation to New Jersey across the Hudson River to the west.
Brooklyn can be seen in the south where Henry Peel Givan's brother David settled in the late 1800's.

At the turn of the 20th century, Antonino Di Paola and his wife Cristina Mastroeni emigrated to Newark, New Jersey (on the left) where their daughter Anna Maria Carmela Di Paola was born in 1906.  Feeling threatened by the extortionists of the "The Black Hand", the family subsequently returned to Italy although later Anna Di Paola emigrated to Canada.

The portal for most immigrants to the U.S.A. after Jan. 1, 1892 was the Immigration Station built on Ellis Island.

Elllis Island map
Ellis Island was the entry site for most immigrants after Jan. 1, 1892.

Ellis Island photo
Ellis Island

Francesco Coluccio arrived at Ellis Island in 1899.  His brother Nicola also came to New York in 1914, whose descendants still live in New Jersey.

Antonino Valenti came through Ellis Island in 1912 before moving on to the Welland Canal and then Toronto, Ontario, Canada where eventually he married Anna Di Paola.

In 1922, Frances Cecil Burt returned to her home in Waterbury, Connecticut from a trip to Europe, also through Ellis Island.

Francesco Coluccio lived with his wife and children at 1462 62nd Street in Brooklyn where he later dropped the 'o' from Coluccio.  (The house no longer exists and there is a spring manufacturer now at that address.)  He owned the whole block up to New Utrecht Ave. and his greenhouse business was located there.
In the neighbourhood they attended St. Francis de Chantal Catholic Church.

62nd street map
1462 62nd Street, Brooklyn

St. Francis de Chantal
Church and Rectory of St. Francis de Chantal, 57th and 13th Ave.

Two of Francesco's daughters later lived in Syracuse, New York in Onondaga County (seen on the top map).  His son Albert Colucci met Kathleen Givan in Syracuse at Christmas 1951 and later Albert moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada where he married her in 1955.

Rosina Di Paola who, like her sister Anna
was born in Newark before returning to Italy, also moved to Syracuse, New York where her descendants still live.

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