The earliest of our ancestors to come to the region of Canada were Palatinate Germans who, after first settling in Germantown, Pennsylvania in the mid-1700's, moved on to Monckton Township in 1766, in the part of Nova Scotia later partitioned off as New Brunswick in 1784.  Robert Colpitts and his family arrived in New Brunswick from England in 1783.

Royal Union Flag
Royal Union Flag

The flag used in the British Territories at that time was the Royal Union Flag seen here.

After 1801 when Ireland was incorporated into the United Kingdom, the Union Jack flew over British North America.

Union Jack
Union Jack

This map shows the territorial boundaries within British North America at the time when William Givan Sr. and his family
came from Ulster in northern Ireland to Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick in the 1820's.


After confederation in 1867, from approximately 1870, the Red Ensign was used as the flag of Canada.

Red Ensign
Red Ensign

This map shows the political boundaries within Canada at the time when George Edward Burt and some of this family first came over from London, England to Ontario in 1877 (the first of our post-confederation immigrants).


When A.F.B. Burt came from London in 1882 the boundaries in eastern Canada were unchanged although there had been changes to the west.


Canada Flag

The red and white maple leaf flag of Canada was not adopted until Feb 15, 1965 when Carolyn Colucci was almost 6 years old living in Toronto and Norman Franke was 2 1/2 years old living in Essex, Ontario.

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