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The earliest of our ancestors to come to the region of Canada were Palatinate Germans who, after first settling in Germantown, Pennsylvania in
the mid-1700's, moved on to Monckton Township in 1766, in the part of Nova Scotia later partitioned off as New Brunswick in 1784.
Next, the Colpitts came from Northumberland County, England in 1783 to an area later known as Colpitts Settlement in New Brunswick.
The Givans came from Ulster in northern Ireland to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the 1820's.

The Burts first came over from London, England to Ontario in 1877 (the first of our post-Confederation immigrants).
Antonino Valenti came from Sicily to Ontario (via Ellis Island, New York) in 1912 followed by his wife to be, Anna Di Paola, in 1925 (via Halifax).
Wolfgang Egon Franke came from Germany to Ontario via Halifax in 1951.
Albert Colucci came from Brooklyn, New York to Toronto, Ontario in 1955.

1) Early Political Boundaries in Canada
2) New Brunswick
3) Nova Scotia
4) Ontario

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